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If been to a really entertaining birthday party last weekend.
Since the hosts are working on their thesis, many acedemics came.
They even asked the guests to submit a paper, which three people did,
the papers even got rated (nerds!).

And then there was this study. Someone came up with the idea, that one should “Do an elephant”.
Actually this is about body language, so valued reader, what would you do to resemble an elephant?

The outcome of the study was, that German speaking people hold their nose and slip their other hand
through the loop, then they wave. We had people who flutterted their hands as ears,
some did a more egyptian style elephant, others just did noises.
Ok, one Swiss guy didn’t get the “nose holding” right, but all others did.

The German speaking versionother cultures / languagesnot German speak, more egypt style

Gosh that was fun.